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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will Coca | Free Music

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Now that the holidays are nearing, and photo sessions for Christmas cards start pilling up I've had to isolate myself for hours at a time to stay on top of the editing. It can get pretty lonely sometimes and the only way to plow through it is with good music. These past weeks Will Coca's music has been keeping me company.

Will is a super talented singer/song writer from Portland, Oregon, and a friend of mine. It's so fun watching other creative friends, like Will, pursue their dreams. You can actually download for free his album, For You and Your Friend. My favorite song, Everything and Nothing, is from his new album, Serendipity. Need some music to get you through this busy time of year? Check out Will's music and if you are in the Portland area, be sure and hit up one of his shows.

And because every post is more fun with a photo!

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