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Friday, October 28, 2011

The [UN]Tour!

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Fellow lovers of photography, travel, adventure and awesome web design you must check out The [UN] Tour! Photographer Khara Plicanic and her husband Emir, are providing one of the most epic, creative photography tours I've ever! Khara and Emir are biking from California to Florida providing FREE photo classes at 8 cities! When asked about why it's called The [UN]Tour they responded, "We’re hitting the road for this self-funded teaching adventure because 1) we’re [UN]deniably addicted to travel and love a good challenge 2) we’re [UN]doubtedly passionate about the things we’re teaching and 3) it’s truly [UN]like any other touring workshop we’ve ever heard of."

I was shocked to find out that Khara and Emir just picked up biking and hit the road in San Diego with no training. Hats off to you guys! To follow their adventure and read more about their travel prep check out their blog.

Remember theses classes are open to anyone and are super beneficial to both beginner and pro photographers! If your city is one of their stops, i encourage you to go! Not only is it going to be an amazing opportunity but also fun to support their [Un]Tour!

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