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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eden Koliadko & Kyle Leeper

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One of my first couple photo shoots when I was starting Caressa Rogers Photography was of my friends Eden Koliadko and Kyle Leeper. Although my photography style and skills has changed and grown since then there are a couples pictures from that day I still love! Here is one of them...


Now almost two years later Eden is graduating from college and asked me to take her senior pictures. Kyle came along to join in some of them. It was so fun spending the afternoon with them. And once again there are some pictures that I am sure will be my all time favorites. Thanks Eden and Kyle for your support since the beginning of my photographic journey!




1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Caressa, You are simply a very clever,artistic, romantic photographer! Fun too!
I LOVE looking at your photo shoots! The Kyle and Eden pictures are just SO sweet! Such romance! You really capture who they are-and they're SO cute together!
Eden is such a natural beauty, inside and out! Thank you for sharing your talents with photography! Very special! Mrs. Leeper